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   The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke  Fondation Kamal el Batal pour les Droits de l'Homme
Enregistrée sous le No. 4974 en date du 20 Mars 2012
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1- Defend human rights in general, and as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in particular.

2- Organize social activities, seminars, conferences and workshops, and establish training centers to defend and promote respect for human rights.

3- Provide support and assistance to victims of medical or hospital malpractice.

In order to achieve its objectives, the foundation reserves the right to launch, by all available legal means, all sorts of activities and initiatives, ans well as any legal action, in view of achieving its goals. The above-mentioned objectives will be executed in abidance with prevalent  laws and regulations.


Following the accident that has cost Kamal el Batal his life, the foundation, through its legal action to determine the responsibilities of the physicians and hospitals involved, aims at creating a precedent, which, hopefully, will compel all concerned parties to improve and optimize procedures, so that persons admitted at an emergency room find help and comfort, rather than become victims with tragic consequences. This is the right of the patients and the duty of health care providers.

We know that Kamal would have done it for others. We are doing it for him, faithful to his engagement as a great militant and an uncompromising activist for the promotion of Human Rights

Founding Members

Elias Kamel el Batal

Lina Elias el Batal

Elias Pierre Farah

Mona Youssef Jabbour

Nadim Bachir Gemayel

Imad Fouad Tueni

Nada Issam Abdel Sater-Abu Samra

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