X-Ray Positioning Devices



The X-Ray Pointer :




    The collapsible pointer, fixed to the tube-head x-ray port, is respectively shown  extended (for centering the patient), and in the retracted and reclined position during the exposure.




Fixed Size Diaphragms




              Fixed size diaphragms, for different sizes of film and for a predetermined focus-film distance, fixed size diaphragms were often used in conjunction with the pointer localizer. The above diaphragms, with a 2mm thick lead lining, were in use with a mobile Pleromobil X-ray machine of the fifties (by the Swedish firm Elema-Schönander, presently Siemens).


The cylindrical localizer :



  This steel localizer 12” (30cms) long, with a 4” (10cms) internal diameter, is fitted with a 2mm thick lead lining. It was particularly useful with low or medium power tubes for non-grid spot radiography of small areas, such as gall-bladders, kidneys, sinuses, etc.




  The General Electric tube-head in the above pictures is fitted with an oil immersed fixed anode Coolidge tube, 8” (20 cms) long, with focal spots of 2.0 and 4.5mms.

  This tube-head and the cylindrical localizer are kindly offered to this collection by the Late Dr. Sebouh Sisserian.


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