Red Goggles and Lead Eye-Glasses



Dark Adaptation Goggles :



                   Before the advent of the Image Intensifier, in the late fifties and of the TV monitoring shortly after, radiologists performing fluoroscopic examinations had to adapt their vision to low light levels. So, these goggles were usually worn for some 15 minutes before starting  fluoroscopy and removed in the darkened x-ray room, and then worn again between consecutive examinations.


                   Red colour was chosen for the goggles, being the complementary colour of the green fluorescence of the screen. Note the depth of the goggles which could be worn over ordinary eye-glasses.


                   The goggles to the left are American made, by Willson, while the ones to the right have no precise maker’s name, but one can decipher a small molding with the letters AO inside a tiny “shield”. Both goggles are equipped with air-vents.





Lead Glass protective eye-glasses 





Heavy and uncomfortable. Presently collectors’ items. (120g-4ounces the pair to the right).

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