The Super-Emitron





Front and rear views


            The photo-cathode, looked at                                     A closer look

                through the font window.                                           at the rear.



            The Super-Emitron tube was developed by the English EMI (Electrical and Musical Instruments Company) by Isaac Schoenberg and Sydney Rodda in the mid-thirties and was first used in London in 1937. It claimed  over ten times more light sensitivity than the original Iconoscope made by General Electric


             Super-Emitrons (or similar) were then built in different European countries.  They continued to be in use through the late forties until the advent of the Image-Orthicon tubes followed some two decades later by the Vidicons.


            . The tube shown above is Russian made and bears the Model Number “Li 7” and the serial Number 6221.


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