Lead-Glass Tube Housing





The tube housing is made of two symmetrical halves of a 3/8 (9 mms) thick Corning lead-glass, held together by three bolts, leaving a round outlet window of 2 (5cms) for the x-ray beam. Made by Waite and Bartlett Manufacturing Co. of New York, dating back to the Twenties.

The tube inside the housing is similar to the one shown in the foreground, and is air cooled by a metal multi-layer radiator (Small Bulb Coolidge type tube).

This type of housing was available either in transparent or in opaque black lead-glass, the latter being preferred for tubes to be used for fluoroscopy.

The pictures below show a variant of this housing, of unknown make, made of transparent lead glass, and particularly shaped to fit the Coolidge right angle dental tube.



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