Dunlee Low Power Tube






Single focus 6 long oil-immersed tube, probably intended for dental radiography, fitted on its anode end with an aluminum heat radiator. The tube body is surrounded by a ceramic-looking cylinder, very opaque to x-rays, with probably lead oxide in its composition.


The tube fits well inside the cylinder from which it stays separated by small cushions made of cork agglomerate, fixed to the glass wall of the tube, thus leaving a clear space for the free circulation of oil inside the cylinder around the tube.

Another peculiar feature is the wire coiling (molybdenum ?) around the base of the filament structure inside the glass wall of the tube. Grossly speaking, this could be helpful for some adjustments, during or after manufacture, of the cathode characteristics, of the focal spot size, and of the cathode-anode spacing.


Other technical specifications not available.


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