“Adrian Special” Coolidge Tube






             This “Adrian Special” Coolidge type X-ray tube (marked “Patent Pending”), in spite of its early type flat helical filament and the 45 degree angle of the Tungsten target embedded in the heavy copper anode, dates probably to the late forties or early fifties. It probably comes from one of the latest makes of the Adrian shoe-fitting machines, also named “Adrian Special”....


             With a total length of 12” (30cms) and a 3.5” (9cms) bulb, this tube is asymmetrically fitted on its anode end with a peculiar thick-layered four- fold heat sink Such tubes were usually run at 50kV with a current from 3 to 8 mA adjustable according to the size of the examined foot.. Click here to see an earlier type air-cooled Adrian tube in the collection.


             Shoe fitting devices, first introduced in the twenties, were totally banned in the sixties because of the high risk of radiation to both operator and clients (mostly children).




Adrian Shoe Fitting Machine

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