Machlett ML-1? and ML-1K








Here are two versions of the same kenotron, the ML-1?, with an Edison screw filament connection, and the ML-1K with a two prong filament base, showing the same internal structure, probably dating respectively to the thirties and early forties.


Both kenotrons are 11 (26.5cms) long.

The three-strand filaments in both kenotrons still test OK. The ML-1K was withdrawn from a still functional generator in 1957.


No specifications other than those on the oil-soaked label on the ML-1K Kenotron.


The internal structure of these kenotrons is identical or highly similar to that of the ML-15E oil-immersed strongly discolored, 16 (40cms) long Machlett Kenotron illustrated below, with an Edison filament connection, probably of the same series, but of an earlier external design. (Picture of the label kindly provided by Mr. Ron Newcomb).






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