Swett & Lewis Therapy Tube (1898-1902)















                 20” (50cms) long, 3.5”  (9cms) bulb.

                 Thin platinum anti-cathode.

                 Looped platinum wire terminal connections.

                 Villard type platinum capillary regulator (the external part of which is broken: see

middle picture, above right).


                 This tube was specifically designed for radiotherapy by the “Swett & Lewis Co., Boston, Mass.”.   Priced at $14.00,  they described it in their Catalog No.33, as follows:


                     “To meet the demand for a tube that may be used in the throat or vagina, we have designed a simple, strong and convenient one. The bulb and all but the end of the tube (to the left in the top picture) are made in such a way that they are opaque to the X-ray. The end of the tube, however, is transparent to the ray, and may be brought nearly, or quite, into direct contact with the diseased area. This reduces the time necessary for exposure, and increases the efficiency of the treatment. The terminals are so situated that the wires may be kept well away from the patient. The tube is substantially built, and the platinum tube regulator is supplied in all cases. This tube is recommended for work where small areas are to be treated, or for internal work.”


                                                        Courtesy Jeff Behary:  (http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com)  

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