“STABIL” Tube by “Radiologie”








              26” (65cms) total length and 8”(20cms) bulb.


              Early heavy duty stongly discolored tube of the 2nd decade, made by the firm “Radiologie” in Berlin (which ceased to exist by WWII).


              The Tungsten target is embedded in a heavy copper anti-cathode in continuity with a long cooling shaft running in a ceramic sleeve hermetically fused to the anti-cathode structure, but staying outside the vacuum of the main tube. Extending out of the tube, this shaft connects directly to the ribbed radiator.


              Of particular interest is the regeneration device consisting of a small black disc, probably of carboniferous nature, firmly held between two mica discs.



               More information on the STABIL tube may be found in “The Development of the Ion X-Ray Tube with a description of the collection in the Medical Historical Museum, University of Copenhagen" by Paul Rønne and Arnold B.W. Nielsen, 1986, p.122-123.

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