Large Size Villard tube






14”(40Cms) long, 5.5’(14Cms) bulb. This tube was made by Emil Gündelach, and bears  two DRP (Deutches Reichspatent) patent numbers, the 103100, and the 109449 dating respectively to 1898 and 1899. It dates probably to the early years of the first decade, 20th Century.


An earlier type Villard Tube is visible elsewhere on this website. Apart from the difference in size of the two tubes, the target in the above tube is not a thin platinum foil, but a solid mass, possibly tungsten, embedded in copper, with a small central erosion.


Like the earlier tube, the regeneration device is of the Villard type, and the platinum wire terminals of the different electrodes are looped around the neck of the small copper dome-shaped external connections.


Note the important purplish discoloration of the tube bulb, hemispherically facing the target.



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