Early Bulbar Tube





     The end connection                 The flat disc anode             The anti-cathode                     The cathode

                                                                                                    and focal spot


           10”(25cms) long and 3.75”(9.5cms) bulb, dating probably to the early years of the 20th Century.

                     Flat aluminum disc anode

                     Concave aluminum cathode, showing definite discoloration

                     45 degrees anti-cathode.

                     Shiny platinum target, held in place by 4 small claws, and showing some erosion at the focal spot..

                     Platinum wire electrode terminals looped around the neck of the copper hemispheric external connections of the tube.

                     No regeneration device.

                     No maker’s name.

                     Serial number “4657” etched on the glass arm.






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