“Campbell” Tube









             Made by Campbell Brothers, Lynn, Mass., this tube is 16” (40cms) long, with a 5” (12.5cms) bulb, and dates back to the first years of the 20th Century. Under their name marked on the cathode side of the glass, a somewhat smudged stamp bears the initials “M. & W., Boston” with a serial number, and standing probably for Macalaster & Wiggin.


              A thin shiny platinum surface covers the target side of the anti-cathode.  The strongly discoloured aluminium cathode and the aluminium anode are of similar shapes but of different sizes.


              Regeneration is by the whitish fibrous material, probably asbestos, stuffed into the longer lateral glass extension on the anode side. The opposite extension with a black tip is the vacuum nozzle.


                   In their catalog, Campbell Brothers describe this tube, priced at $14, as “…..especially designed for work with High Frequency Currents, and does not turn black after severe use”. And “If cash ($200) accompanies an order for an outfit, including case containing X-Ray tube, Rheostat, Fluoroscope and small stand, a second tube will be sent free.”                      

                                                                                     Courtesy Jeff Behary www.electrotherapymuseum.com

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