“TUBIX” Line Focus Tube





Line Focus, air-cooled, 20” (50cms) long, 4” (10cms) bulb, Coolidge type tube, dating probably to the early Forties.


Heavy anode with tungsten target. French made by VARAY. 2 KW output.


Multi-leaf heat radiator mounted on the protruding anode shaft.




                    Dealers in medical equipment and x-ray supplies, and initially representatives of CHF Müller tubes in France, VARAY, with the advent of WW II, started their own factory of X-ray tubes. At first they made replacement tubes with the Müller specifications, but later on they diversified their productions with TUBIX as their brand name. They were still in business for tubes in the late fifties.   VARAY have however changed hands several times since, and x-ray tubes are no more in their line of business.

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