General Electric XP-4.5 Tube








           19” (47.5 cms) long, this protected tube, of the 30’s, bearing the “P” in its designation, is similar in its basic construction to the Philips “Metalix”, the Machlett “Cyr”, and the Eureka “6-100 p” tubes, but could interchangeably be either water-cooled, or air-cooled by a metal radiator.


           “XP” tubes were offered either in a single focus or a twin focus version. The one in this collection is a single large focus (4.5mms) tube, of the line-focus type, air-cooled by a metal radiator fixed on a heavy copper shaft that fits to a depth of about 7” (18cms) into the anode end of the tube, deeply inside the anode structure.


             The heavy protective housing is made of thick, black, lead-containing material with a metal waist on which the “GE” brand is molded on one side of the X-Ray port, while a “Victor” brand is molded on the opposite one.


              The total weight of the tube in its housing with its radiator is about 12.5 lbs (5.6 Kgs).


             The technical specifications of this item are not available, but they are expected to be  in the vicinity of 100 kVp and 100mA.


This tube was graciously donated to this collection

by Mr. Ronnie Mills, Harrison, Idaho.

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