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Antique X-Ray Tubes and Accessories



Thank you for visiting this website, covering a wide selection of x-ray tubes and radiology antiques I have collected over the fifty years of my career and through the few years since my retirement.

This selection covers the long history of the x-ray tube as from the early days of 1896 when Roentgen first announced his discovery. It includes as well a certain number of accessories that accompanied this discovery and contributed, during the decades that followed, to the development of the “fine art” that Radiology has become.

May I hereby express my deep gratitude to the generous donators of many precious items in the collection, and my thanks to all friends, colleagues and fellow collectors who have contributed valuable information, texts or references

However, since for some items in the collection, reliable information may be either simply unavailable, or scarce or incomplete, any references, corrections, or additions will be deeply appreciated.

The items described in these pages are divided into eight categories as listed below. Please click on a category title or picture to go to a detailed index of the different items


Zahi N. Hakim, MD                                                                                 







Crookes Tubes



Cold Cathode Ion X-Ray Tubes



Cold Cathode Rectifier Valves




Hot Cathode Air-cooled X-Ray

Tubes (Coolidge Tubes)




Hot Cathode Oil-Immersed Tubesand Tubes With Special Functions



Hot Cathode Air-cooled Rectifier Valves




Radiology-Related Items




Oil-Immersed Rectifier Valves




Updated December 2014






Click HERE for the Compact Guide, an illustrated pdf document covering,

in an abridged form, a large selection of the items detailed in this website.